Tips for Linux Users

Filesystem Encryption Tools for Linux

Crypto filesystems keep your data safe – even if someone steals your computer.Linux offers a number of encrypted filesystem options – each with a different approach to the encryption problem.Encrypted filesystems may be overkill for family photos or your résumé, but they make sense for network-accessible servers that hold sensitive business documents, databases that contain credit-card information, offline backups, and laptops.

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Installing APC Cache (alternative to Turck Mmcache/Eaccelerator)

Notes on installing Alternative PHP Cache (APC):

  1. Download and istall:
    $ wget
    $ tar -xvzf APC-3.0.14.tgz
    $ cd APC-3.0.14
    $ phpize
    $ ./configure --enable-apc
    $ make
    # make install
  2. Add the below lines to the php.ini:
  3. Restart apache:
    # service httpd restart
  4. Check phpinfo() to see if APC is enabled.
  5. Copy the "apc.php" admin file in the source directory to a password protected web site directory. Edit "apc.php" top line to change password to something different from default.

Howto Setup Dual Monitors with NVidia in Ubuntu

This tutorial explains how to setup Dual Monitors with NVidia in Ubuntu. It’s quite a pain to get dual monitors working your first time using Linux, however I hope this guide will make the process relatively quick and painless.

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Howto Change Default text editor in Debian Etch

By Default Debian Etch Provides the nano editor you need to follow this procedure.In this example i want to use vi editor as my default editor.This is Veryuseful if you want to change Default editor to your own choice.

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How to Increase ext3 and ReiserFS filesystems Performance in Linux

This tutorial explains how to increase ext3 and ReiserFS filesystems Performance in Linux.The ext3 or third extended filesystem is a journalled file system that is commonly used by the Linux operating system. It is the default file system for many popular Linux distributions

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Automatix2 Setup in Debian Etch

Automatix is a graphical interface for automating the installation of the most commonly requested applications in Debian based Linux operating systems.

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NFS Server and Client Configuration in Ubuntu

NFS was developed at a time when we weren’t able to share our drives like we are able to today - in the Windows environment. It offers the ability to share the hard disk space of a big server with many smaller clients. Again, this
is a client/server environment. While this seems like a standard service to offer, it was not always like this. In the
past, clients and servers were unable to share their disk space.

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DNS server Setup using bind in Ubuntu

DNS Stands for Domain Name Service.On the Internet, the Domain Name Service (DNS) stores and associates many types of information with domain names; most importantly, it translates domain names to IP addresses

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File Server Configuration in Debian Using Samba

Samba is a suite of Unix applications that speak the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol. Many operating systems, including Windows and OS/2, use SMB to perform client-server networking. By supporting this protocol, Samba allows Unix servers to get in on the action, communicating with the same networking protocol as Microsoft Windows products.

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bsc - graphical file manager with two panels

bsc (BeeSoft Commander) is a graphical file manager (similar to the midnight commander) that displays two directories
at once for easier copying and moving of files.

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