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ShopCMS Paypal Shopping Cart

ShopCMS Paypal Shopping Cart is a catalog manager and shopping cart that features two levels of categories, a collapsible navigation menu, full PayPal integration, customizable templates with detailed style sheets, a WYSIWYG HTML editor for product info, compatibility with most Web servers and operating systems, and support for mod_perl. It handles image uploading and cloning of existing Items, includes a browser-based administration control panel, and ranks popular products.

FuzzyMonkey's Web Scripts... - Great resource for free cgi scripts which includes: Photo Gallery, Classifieds, Address Book, Web Board, Survey etc...

Perl one liners...

Here are ten one liners in perl, illustrating the kinds of task one would use a script for under linux. All the scripts take some kind of argument after the final ' quote that signals the end of the program.

1. perl -p -i -e 's/this/that/g' filename

Search and replace the string 'this' with the string 'that' in the file filename. You can also say * or *.html or any valid wildcard expression instead of filename. The s/// command uses regular expressions. If you want to alter the 'this' and 'that', it's best to avoid .*?[ ]{}$^ and other odd characters which act as metacharacters in regular expressions. Or better still look at the perlre documentation page. You can do this by saying perldoc perlre. Perl has extensive online documentation, try perldoc perltoc for a list.

Get your own eCard website up!!

Penguin Greetings - Penguin Greetings is a Perl Web-based greeting card application. It can be run as standard CGI application or persistently with SpeedyCGI and supports multiple, independent ecard sites running on the same server. By using multi-part MIME email, it is intended to make ecards more like email. HTML for the cards and the creation screens are stored in Embperl templates, making the program completely customizable by Web developers. Emailing and database updates are performed by a separate daemon, and extensive documentation is included along with over 120 cards.

Columns by Randal L. Schwartz

Randal L. Schwartz Columns - Randal L. Schwartz writes a monthly column for Linux Magazine, a monthly column for the Perl Journal, and a bi-monthly column for SysAdmin Magazine. New columns are placed on-line according to the agreements he has made with them, generally around three months after they've appeared in print.

Email to Web Log

NEWWWSBOY - This is a set of scripts built for a running news sort of a web page. It allows you to set up a couple of inputs, just use email messages, and have those inputs automatically formatted and stuffed into a set of configurable web pages.

HTNEWS - htnews is an E-mail robot. It makes it easier to insert news items to your webpage. You have simply to send an E-mail to a special address and the item will be inserted. htnews is highly configurable, supports templates

Berkeley DB Tutorials and Reference Guide

Berkeley DB Tutorials - Berkeley DB is an open source embedded database library that provides scalable, high-performance, transaction-protected data management services to applications. Berkeley DB provides a simple function-call API for data access and management.

Fluid Dynamic Software - Perl CGI Scripts

Fluid Dynamic Software - Provides Perl CGI tools for webmasters. I have used some of their scripts in the past. Great for Perl learners. Free and Shareware !!

Writing Less Code with Perl

One of the most boring programming tasks in the world has to be
pulling data out of a database and displaying it on a web site. Yet
it's also one of the most ubiquitous. Perl programmers being lazy,
there are tools to help make boring programming tasks less painful, and two of these tools, Class::DBI and the
Template Toolkit, create a whole which is far more
drudgery-destroying than its parts.

Both these tools can do more complicated stuff than that described in
this article, but my aim is to motivate people who may not have tried
them out to give them a go and see how much work they can save you for
even simple tasks.

File renaming script - renames all files in a directory to a sane name; it replaces spaces with underscores, removes semicolons, and replaces German umlauts.

Other interesting projects to browse around...

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