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DotPHP - DotPHP is next step in Web Components project. Developer can make web site only with components. It's like make a application with DELPHI or C++. Where are some limits of course. When you use DotPHP you don't need much knowledge about HTML, CSS or JavaScripts. Use the components only.


phpSERA - phpSERA is a tool for Search Engine Ranking Analysis (SERA). The rankings are based on parsing output of search engines, using simple regular expressions. Given one or more search engines, one or more keyphrases and a single URL to look for, it connects to the search engine(s), parses the result pages, and displays a ranking report.


NetInstaller 1.04 - NetInstaller lets you create setup wizards for Web applications written in PHP. Users only have to upload two files; everything else will be decompressed online on the server, created, and configured. This eliminates the need to perform tedious permission changes (with chmod) or to upload of hundred of files in order to install a PHP application onto a Web server.

WTP 0.6.2

WTP 0.6.2 - WTP is a Web-based FTP client that features
bookmarks, uploading, downloading, deleting,
moving, and renaming of files and directories. It
allows administrators to limit the hostnames to
which users can connect. Currently only Unix FTP
servers are supported.

There are other very interesting projects going on as well...

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