drweb antivirus update cron output

A cron is run every 30 minutes to check on virus database updates via /etc/cron.d/drweb-update, which cause a slew of emails addressed to drweb and filling up mail queue, since drweb does not have a maildir.

To resolve, direct the output to /dev/null or to a log file instead... if you need to keep a watch on the updates.

Edit /etc/cron.d/drweb-update redirecting the output to a log file:

*/30 * * * * drweb /opt/drweb/update.pl >>/tmp/drweb_update.log

If you still want to deliver the output, this can be done by directing drweb mail to root via "/var/drweb/.qmail" or "/var/qmail/alias/.qmail-drweb" with "&root".