Configuring Bind RNDC

RNDC is a useful mechanism for administering DNS servers. If it is not configured, BIND complains about it.

Determine the locations where RNDC expects to find the config files.

# rndc status
  rndc: neither /etc/rndc.conf nor /etc/rndc.key was found

Create the rndc config file:

# rndc-confgen > /etc/rndc.conf

Thy rndc conf file should also have the contents that need to go to "/etc/named.conf". See sample below:

# Use with the following in named.conf, adjusting the allow list as needed:
# key "rndc-key" {
# algorithm hmac-md5;
# secret "aitNuyDz9NkSZ0MbxeQKcQ==";
# };
# controls {
# inet port 953
# allow {; } keys { "rndc-key"; };
# };

Once the key and control section has been added to named.conf, restart named and test again with:

# rndc status