Download Actions preference in Firefox

I was having a hard time getting m3u (MP3 audio -- streamed) files open up in my external xmms audio player instead of the the default mplayerplug-in and found out that firefox by default hides the plugins without any extensions, as the mp3 playlist was being created dynamically with php and the mime-type fed via the header.

The work-around was to disable the default firefox config settings and change the option for streamed mp3 audio to be opened with xmms instead.

The steps are outlined below:

  1. Type "about:config" on the address bar to get to firefox config settings.
  2. Do a filter search for "hide_plugins" and double click on "" to change the settings value to "false".
  3. Open up "Edit > Preferences", go to the "Downloads" area and click on "View & Edit Actions".
  4. It should now list all the "File Type". Do a search for audio and change the "MP3 audio (streamed)" to open up in the external xmms player.

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