Video Review: Oral-B Bluetooth Pro 5000 Electric Toothbrush

AskDaveTaylor - Wed, 01/28/2015 - 14:56

Wanna watch me clean my teeth? No, seriously…

In an upgrade to the solid Oral-B / Braun Pro 5000 electric toothbrush, the company released a new unit that features a bluetooth connection to an app you run on your smartphone. Smart? Well, watch the video and you’ll see what I thought about this tech.

Learn more about The Oral-B Pro 5000 Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth, $125 at

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Can’t create new folders in Yahoo Mail?

AskDaveTaylor - Wed, 01/28/2015 - 11:41

You’re not the first person to report that you’re having problems with the task of creating a new folder in Yahoo Mail. In fact, complaints go back over two years for people who are using the “new” interface (of course at this point it’s not really new) and finding that the new folder button doesn’t do anything. Heck, I bumped into this problem myself writing up this tutorial.

The problem appears to be one of layers in the fancy HTML that Yahoo is using for its new Yahoo Mail interface, which means that it’s kinda hard for you as a user to fix. There are actually three different ways to create a new folder, however, so let’s step through the options before you get too frustrated.

The first and most obvious is the secret button that’s on the left menu:

Can’t see the “new folder” option? I did say it’s secret, right?

Move your cursor over “Folders” and it shows up:

There it is!

Click on it to create a new folder:

If you don’t see that window pop up in the middle of your screen, what I found worked was to click on “Folders” to have it hide all the subfolders. Then I could click and create a new folder easily enough.

Still not working? Find a message, any message, then click on “Move” along the top:

The last choice is “New Folder”. Choose that.

Or, if you’re really feeling bold, try the key sequence suggested: “D” then “Control+Shift+E”. I couldn’t get the latter to work at all on my Win 8.1 system running Chrome but perhaps you’ll have better luck.

And if none of those options work, well, there’s always Gmail.

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PAPERPROTO - Tue, 01/27/2015 - 19:11

PAPERPROTO is a 3D printable model to use for paper prototyping mobile applications, in the style of a story scroll. You can download the file or buy the model for printing on demand directly from Shapeways.

Via Zeke Franco

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Google Fiber is coming to Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh-Durham

GoogleBlog - Tue, 01/27/2015 - 13:05
It’s been nearly five years since we offered to build a fiber-optic network in one U.S. city as an experiment — and were met with overwhelming enthusiasm. Now, Google Fiber is live in Kansas City, Provo and Austin, and we've started to see how gigabit Internet, with speeds up to 100 times faster than today’s basic broadband, can transform cities. It can give them new platforms for economic development and new ways of using technology to improve life for their citizens. And, around the country, it seems to be catching on.

Check out the Kansas City Startup Village and Provo learn-how-to-code hub DevMountain. Take a look at the work of a geneticist whose speedy connection could one day help newborns in intensive care, or how one city's network is connecting a high school classroom to an underwater microscope so students can study oceanic life in the Pacific... from Chattanooga, Tenn. There are many more stories like this—stories about how people are using gigabit internet to spark innovation, inspire creativity, and collaborate in ways they simply couldn't before. And we want to see even more.

So, today, we’re happy to announce that Google Fiber is coming to 18 cities across four new metro areas: Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, and Raleigh-Durham. We can’t wait to see what people and businesses across the Southeast U.S. do with gigabit speeds.

Bringing Google Fiber to these cities is a long-term investment. We’ve been working closely with city leaders over the past year on a joint planning process to get their communities ready for Google Fiber—and now the really hard work begins. Our next step is to work with cities to create a detailed map of where we can put our thousands of miles of fiber, using existing infrastructure such as utility poles and underground conduit, and making sure to avoid things like gas and water lines. Then a team of surveyors and engineers will hit the streets to fill in missing details. Once we’re done designing the network (which we expect to wrap up in a few months), we’ll start construction.

We’re also continuing to explore bringing fiber to five additional metro areas—Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Antonio and San Jose, and will have updates on these potential Fiber cities later this year.

Today, we aren't the only ones talking about gigabit broadband. From the White House to main street, a chorus of new voices is standing up for speed. Just last week during the State of the Union, the President called for faster networks so that innovators and entrepreneurs can build the next big idea. New research from the Fiber to the Home Council shows gigabit networks are contributing billions of dollars in economic growth. Communities across America are demanding more speed for their own homes and businesses, and we’re going to keep doing our part to help.

Posted by Dennis Kish, Vice President, Google Fiber
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Easy way to wish my friends happy birthday on Facebook?

AskDaveTaylor - Tue, 01/27/2015 - 11:03

I think that the people who complain about birthday wishes from other people on Facebook are just curmudgeons, actually. I mean, would they complain about a birthday wish from a friend who had to have a spouse remind them that it’s your birthday? Or if they had your birthday in their calendar, remind them each year?

Now I will say that there are some services that can automatically wish everyone in your circle a happy birthday and if you’re not even aware that’s going on, well, then it really kind of is a piece of software posting something, not a human being spending even the few seconds it takes to relay a heartfelt wish, so that’s more easily discounted.

Still, however you want to deal with the information, it does turn out to be pretty easy to find out whose birthdays are today on Facebook, though it’s no longer on the home page like it used to be in the “good old days” of the FB user interface.

Instead from your Facebook home page, look on the left for “Events”:

Once you click on it, Facebook will show you a calendar of upcoming events for you, either those you’ve been invited to join or those you’ve already RSVP’d “yes” to.

Interesting, but what you really want is to look on the top right of the Events page, where you’ll see a heads up on whose birthdays are today:

You can see here that my friend Heather and four other people in my Facebook social network have birthdays today. Click on that informational line and you’ll be able to leave them all well wishes in one neat spot:

Sometimes there won’t be a text entry box below their name: that means that they don’t allow others to write on their timeline. In that case, you might need to send them a private message instead. Not a huge crisis.

Either way, I think it’s nice to wish others a happy birthday and certainly welcome well wishes my friends, whether close or new, too.

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How do I untag myself from a photo or post on Facebook?

AskDaveTaylor - Mon, 01/26/2015 - 12:21

Yeah, I have some friends and colleagues who are a bit overzealous about tagging me on their Facebook posts, whether they’re photos I’m not actually in or status updates where they seek to draw my attention. In both cases, rather annoying and sometimes awkward, like when I was tagged as being at a pretty out of control party when I wasn’t even in town at the time!

Often it’s easy to manage your being tagged because you can set up your Facebook account to require that the tag be manually approved before it can show up on your timeline, but if they’re friends, well, they often get to just tag you anyway, regardless of that privacy setting. [Read this for more info: How to set up your Facebook account so you have to manually approve people tagging you]

Even with that set, as I said, you can still be tagged in a photo. And now it’s a bit harder to figure out how to untag yourself.

For example, I was recently tagged in an event photo, the first of which was this update on my notifications menu:

The heck? What event is this?

I click on the notification to get to the photo, where I saw this posted on Facebook by my friend Ashley (the photo would appear on the left, but I’ve omitted here so we can zero in on what’s going on):

I’m sure I wasn’t actually at this event so Ashley was just being overzealous in adding me to the list. Or someone was there posing as me and running up the bar tab. One of the two!

No obvious way to untag myself, is there? The secret is to look very closely at the pop-up window that appears when I move the cursor over my own name:

Can you see the link?

Very top, “Remove tag”. As subtle as they could make it, those Facebook designers.

Click on it and your name vanishes…

That’s the solution. Really subtle. And it’ll likely change in six months. But for now, that’s how ya do it…

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How do I change my Netflix account password?

AskDaveTaylor - Sat, 01/24/2015 - 12:32

Netflix is a membership site that’s just made to be shared. I used to share my account with my Dad, even though we lived in different states. In fact, my account is “two screens + HD”, which means that two people at a time can be viewing whatever they want from Netflix. You plus a child, you plus a sibling, or you plus a friend or roommate. Until other people also start sharing the account, at which point it’s not only bad news — what if you’re #3 and can’t watch a show on your own Netflix account? — but likely a violation of the terms of service anyway.

We had a similar situation in my family when one of my children shared our Netflix account password with a friend who was bedridden for a week or so, without telling me. Now there’s reason to believe that the sick child has further shared my Netflix credentials with additional friends. I really, really don’t want to be paying for community Netflix, needless to say!

There are two parts to this fix, and you should count your blessings that one of your sister’s friends didn’t decide to go into your account settings and change the password, shutting you out of your own account. Yikes!

To start, go to Netflix on your computer and look on the top right once you’ve logged in. It’ll look like this:

Click on the tiny red downward pointing triangle adjacent to your name. It’ll pop up a menu:

Choose “Your Account”, as you can see I’m doing in the above photo.

Now you’ll see a lot of different options and settings. Look for this:

Guessing you click on Update email and password? You’re right!

Click on it. Now you get a pretty easy to understand window:

Pick a good, easy to remember but hard to guess password. Not “netflix” or your name.

Done? Click “Save”.

Great. But you’re not done yet, because if they’re using something like an AppleTV or an Amazon Fire TV, they could remain logged in to your Netflix account for weeks without ever knowing the password changed. Not good.

To force every device to log out, simply scroll down a bit on the “Account Settings” page to find this:

Click on Sign out of all devices and everyone else will get the boot, whether they’re connected to Netflix via tablet, smart phone, media device or computer.

Now you’re good to go. And you might really want to consider suggesting that your sister get her own Netflix account. It’s not like they’re particularly expensive…

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Through the Google lens: Search trends January 16-22

GoogleBlog - Fri, 01/23/2015 - 15:52
Here’s a side of search trends to go along with your Friday. Read on to find out what got people talking–and searching–this week.

Deflate-gate and other scandals
Super Bowl drama is already here, and it’s not even February 1. After the New England Patriots dominated the Indianapolis Colts 45-7 to win the AFC Championship, news broke out that 11 out of the 12 balls used by New England quarterback Tom Brady were under inflated, which is a no-no in the NFL. The league has strict rules about the air pressure in game day balls since alterations could give one team an advantage. Both Brady and head coach Bill Belichick are singing Shaggy's greatest hit “It Wasn’t Me,” so we’ll all have to wait and see how the mystery unfolds.

On the other “football” field, U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team goalkeeper Hope Solo is back in trouble with the law after she and her husband, Jerramy Stevens, were pulled over for suspicions of driving under the influence. The kicker? This all happened while Stevens was driving the U.S. team van, which promptly resulted in a 30-day suspension for Solo. This event comes just seven days after charges of domestic violence were dropped against the athlete.

The last laugh
On Tuesday, President Obama delivered his sixth State of the Union address to outline his legislative agenda for the year ahead. Then, on Thursday, the President took questions about his remarks from YouTube Creators. While topics like education, the economy and foreign relations got people searching, the Internet had a field day after Obama dropped the proverbial mic at the expense of his Republican counterparts during his speech. In the midst of his talk, Obama stated “I have no more campaigns to run,” generating applause from some of his opponents. But Obama -- not one to be the butt of a joke -- responded as smooth as butter: “I know because I won both of them.” Burn.
Not what you expected
Search left people salivating after news that milk’s favorite cookie, the Oreo, was getting a new flavor inspired by Valentine’s Day. Confection-maker Nabisco decided to bring cupcake and cookie together in holy matrimony with the launch of a red velvet version of their snack on February 2. And as some people tried to satisfy their sweet tooth, it looks like Tiger Woods may have lost his...literally. The famed golfer made an appearance at his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn’s World Cup skiing race in Italy sporting a missing tooth, causing a stir on the web as people tried to find an explanation for his gap-toothed smile.

Meanwhile, things took a turn for the worse at the happiest place on earth. Disneyland was linked to an outbreak of more than 50 cases of the measles. Health officials are declaring the park safe for those who have their immunizations, but the situation has drummed up more controversy around the anti-vaccination movement.

Tip of the Week
Still sticking to your diet resolution? If you need a little help knowing the number of calories you’re eating just ask, “Ok Google, how many calories are in an avocado?” to stay in tip-top shape.

Posted by Jenise Araujo, Communications Associate, who searched for [hope for hope] and [all scandals that end in -gate]
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Stop Google Plus identifying you in uploaded photos?

AskDaveTaylor - Fri, 01/23/2015 - 12:20

You’re correct that Google Plus recently announced that its image analysis software is being used to build a model of your face based on your self-identified photos of yourself uploaded to the service, then use that data to analyze photos other people upload and automatically tag you if your face is a match. Slightly freaky, perhaps, but when you hang out with the same group a lot, quite convenient to have everyone tagged in pictures uploaded without any manual intervention.

Before you wipe every photo of yourself off the entire Internet, however, know that you can opt in or out of this service on Google Plus at any time, and that you can also untag yourself in photos if those party pics from last weekend are just too over the top for your employer.

Further, you do know that Facebook does this too, right? Check out this preference from your Facebook account settings:

See that third option? It says Who sees tag suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded? and if you think about it, that means they too have that same facial model that they’re working with based on large scale image analysis.

You asked about Google Plus, however, so let’s look at that. First off, it might be really easy to turn it off because you might have just seen this show up in your newsfeed:

If you see this, click “No, thanks” and you’re good to go.

But let’s say you didn’t see this dialog. Instead, you can find the same option in your account settings. You get to those on Google Plus by clicking on the “Home” button on the left side, which brings down the following menu:

You can see the desired option at the bottom: Settings.

Choose it, then scroll down until you see this:

The last one is what we’re interested in for this discussion: Find my face in photos and videos and prompt people I know to tag me.

Uncheck this and you should be good to go.

While you’re here, though, scroll down just a bit further…

You might want to make sure this is empty to ensure that no pictures in which you’re tagged just show up automatically in your “Photos of you” section of your G+ profile.

Now about those other party pics…

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An Introduction to AT&T Smart Limits

AskDaveTaylor - Thu, 01/22/2015 - 15:12

If you have children with cellphones, odds are that you aren’t exactly sure how they’re using the devices. Are they texting at 2am? Are they getting calls from strangers even after you’ve asked them to block the number? Are they using their phone surreptitiously at school?

That’s what AT&T Smart Limits are designed to help you with, and you can set up time constraints, data limits, download limits, and much more, all within the handy Web-based (or mobile app based) AT&T system.

Here I offer an introduction, from a hotel room in Las Vegas, 750mi from home where my two teens are doing who knows what on their own smartphones:

Want to learn more about AT&T Smart Limits? Go here:

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