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Communications Between Technical Professionals And Their Managers


As a manager in charge of technical professionals, I have learned that managing projects with multiple team members requires certain people skills, as well as technical skills. In the world of management, there are many skills required when it comes to the management of people. These skills, and how you apply them, vary depending on the type of business you are in, as well as the type of people whom you manage.

Technical professionals, in general, tend to be a little different to manage than the standard office workers. Their jobs are not just about doing a mechanical process, but designing and writing software is also a creative, if not artistic process. I’m sure that everyone has heard stories about artists and how temperamental and bizarre their behavior can be. Does that sound like any software developers you know?

Oreilly CD Bookshelf

List of Read it Online Computer Books:

Open Source Portfolio Initiative

OPSI - The Open Source Portfolio Initiative (OSPI) is a collaborative, open-source, software development project based on the University of Minnesota Enterprise System's electronic portfolio software.

Content Management Systems

cmsInfo - cmsInfo is an internet community of users and developers of Content Management Systems. Dedicated to provide news and information of the Open Source weblog niche.

MIT Publishes 500th Course on Open CourseWare

Wow! The last time I looked, there were less than a dozen courses up there, in fairly esoteric disciplines. In addition, 25 courses are being translated into Spanish and Portugese. Read more...

U.S. Anti-spam Web Pages Shut Down by Attacks

Three Web sites that provide spam blocking lists have shut down as a result of crippling Internet attacks in what experts said is an escalation in the war between spammers and opponents of unsolicited e-mails. Anti-spam experts suspect that spammers are behind the attacks, although they have no way of proving it. Congress is currently considering a federal anti-spam law.

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1st referral from Google - keyword "binary geek" !!

Today, I noticed my first referred hit from Google. Keywork - "binary geek" placed at #2 on the search engine. Check it out.

e-Learning Center's Free Courses !!

e-Learning Center - Sample out some of the free web based courses accessed through the internet.


SmsSend - SmsSend allows you to send free SMS to any GSM, connecting to Internet sites using scripts. It is available both for Windows and Unix.

Google Calculator Feature

Google Calculator - Google now has a built-in calculator that evaluates the search box and returns an answer. For instance, type 3 + 4 into google and press "Google Search". Google will come back with 3 + 4 = 7. You can get even more complicated - Google will do logarithms - log(3) = 0.477.... Google also handles units - what is 4 pounds added to 300 grams? Enter 4 lb + 300 g, Search, and Google returns "(4 pound) + (300 grams) = 2.11436948 kilograms".

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