IP Address:

Get public IP Address

Get current public IP via command line curl and wget.

With curl:

curl icanhazip.com
curl ifconfig.me

With wget:

wget -qO- icanhazip.com
wget -qO- ifconfig.me/ip

Converting Shared to Exclusive IP for Plesk Domain

First go into "Clients", select the corresponding client IP Addresses and assign the additional IP address.

Then go into "Domains", select the domain that should be converted to exclusive IP and modify the "Web Host Settings" and assign it the new IP.

IP range to CIDR conversion

I've often had to convert IP range with netmask to a CIDR notation. Below is a quick perl script to help with the conversion:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# range2cidr.pl

use Net::CIDR;
use Net::CIDR ':all';

if (@ARGV == 0) {
  die "Usage Example: $0 \n";

print join("\n", Net::CIDR::range2cidr("$ARGV[0]")) . "\n";

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