Alternate User Login Features Drupal and Jabber ID

Drupal is the name of the software which powers linuxweblog.com . There are Drupal web sites all over the world, and many of them share their registration databases so that users may freely login to any Drupal site using a single Drupal ID.

So please feel free to login to your account here at linuxweblog.com with a username from another Drupal site. The format of a Drupal ID is similar to an email address: username@server. An example of valid Drupal ID is mwlily@www.drupal.org.

Jabber is an open source instant messaging system designed to give the power of choice and freedom back to the users of instant messaging. Not only does Jabber allow its users to use (and create) clients for numerous platforms, but it allows people to communicate to whomever they want in the way which is most convenient for them.

You may login to linuxweblog.com using a Jabber ID. The format of a Jabber ID is the same as an email address: name@server An example of valid Jabber ID is mwlily@jabber.com.

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