uw-imap custom mail folder configuration

To allow custom mailbox folder for individual user:

Add/Edit "/etc/c-client.cf":

set allow-user-config 1

Add/Edit "~/.imaprc" for corresponding user:

set mail-subdirectory mail

All corresponding email files will now reside in the ~/mail folder for the corresponding user.

c-client library version skew with uw-imap

With the recent update of uw-imap from epel repository to uw-imap-2007d-1.el5, I was getting the below error which indicated that uw-imap required 2007d version of c-client.

Below was the error message as logged in "/var/log/messages":

IMAP toolkit crash: c-client library version skew, app=2007d library=2007b

Adding "libc-client2007" to the list of "includepkgs" in yum conf for epel repository and doing a `yum update` resolved the issue by updating libc-client2007-2007b to libc-client2007-2007d.

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