myXML for PHP

myXML for PHP - myXML is a PHP implementation of the W3C's DOM, XPath, and XSLT recommendations that does not
require additional libraries. It allows you to take advantage of XML/XSLT technologies even if your provider does not support it. The DOM API features standard names for methods and properties and should be compatible with future releases of PHP. The library allows the execution of PHP code on the fly, and inserts result into a DOM tree or attribute value.

Assembly Language Tutorial

Tutorial on Assembly Language - Great tutorial, but watch out for the pop-ups!

LogiCreate - web application framework

LogiCreate is a web application framework, providing a common development base for web systems. By standardizing development practices, developers can quickly create new web-based systems such as intranets, extranets, and other database-driven applications.

See also LogiCampus a distance learning and course management system that is freely available to Colleges, Universities and Schools which is built up on LogiCreate.

Object Oriented Concepts

Object Oriented Concepts: The basic building blocks.

Paypal Shopping Cart

Paypal Shopping Cart - Paypal Shopping Cart is designed to accept PayPal payments. It supports multiple categories and products, custom total price calculation, discount pricing, image upload, HTML order page generator, and instant payment notification.

Hermes Business Tools

Hermes is a Web application framework designed to help provide a rapid application development framework for business tools with an initial focus of CRM (application included). It provides an integrated and flexible approach to business tools, and allows for database abstraction, library models, user rights management, and other critical areas.

Accessibility-Checking Bookmarklets

Accessibility-Checking - A large collection of bookmarklets to assist Web developers to ensure more accessible sites. Many are useful as design tools.


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Open Web Technology Company

eXtropia is an open source resource for web application development. Contained within this site are free software applications (Perl and Java), free software application development tools (Perl and Java), free tutorials, and other related resources.

Gallery Constructor

Gallery Constructor - Gallery Constructor is a Web/CD photo album constructor. It features templating support, watermark picture support, customizable looks for galleries, high-quality resampling when resizing images, compatibility with Exif-information from the camera, the ability to add selected tags to your gallery information, the ability to stamp a copyright text to pictures in order to prevent unauthorized use, support for unlimited depths of sub-folders, an FTP client with support for passive mode (for compatibility with firewalls and pro

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