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Default installation & software upgrades not enough!

Default installation & software upgrades not enough!

Firstly, I'm writing my first tutorial... so I'd love to be DoSssed with suggestions. The article is purely aimed to scare you &push you towards better security practices. The article is aimed for those ppl. who have a fair knowledge about the technology. This article just aims to scratch the surface of everything.............

Lets start with the obvious... basics:
# Obviously, Default Installation doesn't come with a virus/spy ware / Trojan scanner. If your PC isn't a single user OS, there is even a likelihood of mail ware, Trojan, spy wares running with user privileges... or worst a root kit.

Cyber Law in Nepal?

Following, Kantipur yuesterday... about the cyber law coming into force within a few days guys what are your views. Guys what do you think about the topic? ITS EFFECTIVENESS and stuffz...?
Do have a look at,

what the guys have to say...


(i guess that aint spamming, I just wanted to draw enough attension. ? The discussion acn also be followed from, )

Online E-business, How to...? I have no clue!

Online E-business, How to...? I have no clue!

Well... I have ideas of making quick money selling my softwares. (O; But i don't even* have a clue how to do a e-business. Is it like... websites are connected to merchent accunt and when the customer types the credit card number via. the buyers website; the price of software is utometically deducted from his master/visa card or pay pal and deposited to the sellers account autometically and when the tranjection is done the buyer gets his goods/softwares.......

But, frankly I don't know...What is the easiest way to start a E-commerce, What are the procedure, WHAT ARE THE BASIC REQUIREMENTS? how much does it cost for me to open this SELLERS ACCOUNT? Can i do it via pay pal? How do people cash their e-money?

Security+ Library

a small but good collection of stuffz,

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