Password Less SSH LOGIN

The main idea behind having a Password Less SSH LOGIN is to be more secure over the internet.
The idea comes from encryption. A set of Public and Private Keys are generated.
The public key stays on the serve rand the private key stays with the user. Only they private key can talk to the public key.

The user needs to upload the public key to the server on
~/.ssh folder and name the file as authorized_keys2

To get the keys working make sure the folder permissons are set correct.

chmod 700 ~/.ssh
chmod 644 ~/.ssh/authrozied_keys2

The private key stays on the side of the user and is used when logging into ssh.

A password less set of public/private key can be generate
A set of public/private keys with a password can be generated as well.

The later one is more prefered for more security as even if someone gets the private key, they'd still need the pass-phrase to get in.

You can generate keys on Linux/Windows.
On Linux,use

ssh-keygen -t rsa
id.rsa would be your private key and would be your public key

And for windows,use

Make sure you use the public key that gets displayed on the puttygen dialog box , but not the public key that is on one of the save options. The private key works fine. But for some reasons , I could not get the public key working.

Next time you login , you could login without typing the password ( incase you had no pass phrase typed in , which is still very secure )