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Installation of Munin and Munin-Node

Munin is network monitoring tool for servers. It uses RRDTool, an open source used to generate graphics and logging server activities.

I am installing and configuring munin on centos 5 x86_64 using yum.
1)First of all, we need to add a RPMforge repository.

rpm -Uhv

2)Installing yum

yum -y install munin

3)chaning the ownership of munin web docroot to munin, as by default it goes to root.

chown -R munin:munin /var/www/munin/

Learning Bash Scripting

I thought of learning bash scripting. I do not know how tough is it gonna be. I have not looked at the whole complicated script at all.
I am gonna begin with a simple bash script.

First I need to locate where my bash interpreter is located.
In my case its located in /usr/local/bin/bash

(~) - which bash
Now I am making a simple bash script that would echo(print a string on my scren)

Password Less SSH LOGIN

The main idea behind having a Password Less SSH LOGIN is to be more secure over the internet.
The idea comes from encryption. A set of Public and Private Keys are generated.
The public key stays on the serve rand the private key stays with the user. Only they private key can talk to the public key.

The user needs to upload the public key to the server on
~/.ssh folder and name the file as authorized_keys2

To get the keys working make sure the folder permissons are set correct.

chmod 700 ~/.ssh
chmod 644 ~/.ssh/authrozied_keys2

Zend Optimizer Installation in Ubuntu

I just performed an installation of Zend Optimizer which is a free runtime application that enables php to run files encoded by the Zend Guard running on a server.

You can download it from
Selecting the proper Package.

Download it through shell

in my case i m using x86 32 bit version

untar the package

tar -xvzf ZendOptimizer-3.3.3-linux-glibc23-i386.tar.gz

Go to the directory

TCL and Eggdrop1.6.17 installation

What is an eggdrop?

Eggdrop is an IRC bot which is the best , popular and most supported IRC bot that people use . Loads of functions can be done through eggdrop ( for eg . Channel management , userfile structures ) and the most popular part of an eggdrop is we can add modules and TCL scripts .

Setting up an eggdrop .

how to setup
You can see the manual on how to setup an eggdrop there .

But to make it quick , let me Write down some few stuffs .

  1. ssh to your shell

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