TCL and Eggdrop1.6.17 installation

What is an eggdrop?

Eggdrop is an IRC bot which is the best , popular and most supported IRC bot that people use . Loads of functions can be done through eggdrop ( for eg . Channel management , userfile structures ) and the most popular part of an eggdrop is we can add modules and TCL scripts .

Setting up an eggdrop .

how to setup
You can see the manual on how to setup an eggdrop there .

But to make it quick , let me Write down some few stuffs .

  1. ssh to your shell
  2. wget
    eggdrop download
  3. untar the gziped file eggdrop1.6.17.tar.gz ( tar xvzf filename )
  4. cd eggdrop 1.6.17
  5. ( compiling begins from here )

  6. ./configure
  7. make config
  8. make
  9. make install DEST=/home/shellusername/botdirectory
  10. after that you need edit the eggdrop.conf as per your requirements , we have to go through the MANUAL very properly. because there are DIE options enabled , which incase not deleted or commented with "#" , wouldnt let the bot start .
  11. starting the eggdrop : ./eggdrop -m eggdrop.conf
  12. ( there will be messages out puts on the start and a process will be running )

Requirements for Eggdrop

Eggdrop requires TCL to be pre installed in the system . TCl is a scripting Language such as perl , php etc.

For Eggdrop1.6.17 , TCL version above than 8.3 is needed.
If TCL 8.4.* isnt installed in the system , compiling errors occur . The latest relibale TCL version is TCL8.4.6.
It can be downloaded from TCL DOWNLOAD

In the similiar fashion as of an eggdrop setup , the TCL should be setup , compiled and installed .
The manual can be found at How to compile TCL

Enjoy with eggdrop/Tcl . Great for the ones who are into IRC .