Creating graph of Trac workflow

Here is how, I was able to generate graph of the workflow being used in Trac. This helps quite a bit when trying to visualize the workflow that is being setup.

The packages required were ghostscript (ps2pdf conversion) and graphviz (graph creation).

Graphviz is available in DAGs/rpmforge repository, so do an install via:

# yum --enablerepo=rpmforge install ghostscript graphviz graphviz-python

Once graphviz is installed generate config files:

# dot -c

Download the corresponding contrib files from the trac svn:

$ wget
$ wget

Make the files executable and run:

./showworkflow /path/to/trac.ini

This should generate a pdf file in the same directory as trac.ini file.

Note: If doing this on a server xpdf will fail, so move the pdf to a web accessible directory to view it.