Managing RAID and LVM with Linux


A general easy to follow guide to setting up RAID-5 and LVM on a modern Linux system.

Accessing Data on Xen Guest Image


Accessing xen guest image is very easy if the image is not lvm partitioned. But the main problem arise when the image is of lvm format and normal mount command cannot be used. Here I will show both the way. The first is when ext filesystem is used, and the second is when lvm is used...

Using LVM to migrate a CentOS system to a mirrored RAID


I recently had to migrate a CentOS 5 system from a single hard drive to a mirrored RAID configuration. Since I had set up the system with LVM originally I was able to do this (mostly) seamlessly while the machine was in production. This howto details the steps I took and the commands necessary to migrate the system.

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