EDAC - Error Detection And Correction


The 'edac' kernel module goal is to detect and report errors that occur
within the computer system running under linux.

How to Tell Your OpenVZ VPS is Swapping


So you think your OpenVZ VPS really has “guaranteed memory”? Well. Not quite. I have got an OpenVZ VPS from one of the providers listed here — 256MB guaranteed and 512MB burstable memory. When I run free it shows... 512MB total memory and 0 swap? After all I am only using 65MB of memory so well below my “guaranteed” amount. Zero swap because it is just how OpenVZ does its memory account. But is it really the case that all my processes reside in physical RAM?

Let’s dig out the good ol’ user_beancounters...

Troubleshooting Memory Usage


If you are using VPS with very limited memory resources, the link provides excellent reference material on troubleshooting memory issues with some of the know applications that can possibly consume high memory.

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