Binding Multiple IP Address on RedHat Linux...

Go to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts where you will find a file "ifcfg-eth0" .

Copy this file to ifcfg-eth0:0, ifcfg-eth0:1, ifcfg-eth0:2, etc... one per IP you want to bind to the box.

Edit each file replacing the line eth0 with eth0:0, eth0:1, eth0:2, etc... as per the filename, and replace the IP address with your new ipaddress, so that you have one ifcfg-eth0:x file per ip address.

When you're done do: `ifup eth0:0, ifup eth0:1, etc...` or `service network restart`.

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Define default ip

Just wondering how to define a default IP address for outgoing traffic. Is there any solution for that?

Thank you :)

This helped me today.