Download images from Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F88 to Fedora Linux

Here is a tip/hint that could hopefully help others having some difficulty with cameras that support "PTP".

PTP is the acronym for the "Picture Transfer Protocol". That protocol has a strong standards basis, in ISO and in terms of the USB Still Imaging class specification. Many upcoming digital cameras should support it.

The vision is that there will be enough new PTP-enabled cameras that it'll be much easier for you to just use them. You won't need to install new software and deal with its quirks each time you borrow or buy a new camera. Instead, you will be able to acquire images (and other media objects), reprocess them, (cropping, turning them right side up, signing them, applying steganograpy or other image transforms, etc.) and share them (printing, web publishing, etc) using whatever tools you prefer.

Enough with the PTP jabber... and here is how:

1. Install gPhoto, a free ready to use set of digital camera software applications.
2. Plug in your camera which supports PTP via USB.
3. Change to PTP mode instead of normal usb data transfer.
4. Run the command, `gphoto2 --get-all-files` to download your images.
5. It's as easy as that !!

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