Build PHP with Freetype on DirectAdmin

Easy way to add freetype support on PHP, on a DirectAdmin hosting environment with Fedora as the OS, is to use the rpm versions of freetype and freetype-devel.

  1. If not installed already:
    # yum install freetype freetype-devel

  2. Edit "/usr/local/directadmin/customapache/configure.php" to include the below lines.
            --with-freetype \
            --with-freetype-dir=/usr/lib \
            --enable-gd-native-ttf \

    Note: /usr/lib is the path to the .
    # rpm -ql freetype-devel | grep

  3. Then run the build:
    # ./build clean
    # ./build php n

  4. If you need to build and update existing packages:
    # ./build clean
    # ./build update
    # ./build all

  5. Check with phpinfo to confirm.

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Enabling exif for php

Install exif:

# yum install libexif libexif-devel

Edit configure.php with:

--enable-exif \

Re-compile php with exif enabled.

# ./build clean
# ./buid php n

Check with phpinfo.