easy php-fpm install via yum

On CentOS, php-fpm can be easily installed via CentALT yum repository. This requires epel repository too and will pull down any dependencies if needed.

  • Install EPEL release:
    rpm -Uvh
  • Install CentALT release:
    rpm -Uvh
  • Install via yum:
    yum --enablerepo=CentALT --enablerepo=epel install php-fpm
  • Look through and edit /etc/php-fpm.conf . The config options are well commented... also available at
  • The default settings should work quite well.
  • Bring up the service via:
    /etc/init.d/php-fpm start

PHP4 (dso) and PHP5 (fcgi) with apache2 on CentOS-4.5

I've had php4 running with apache2 for a while now and wanted to get php5 also simultaneously running. There are other ways to do this, but I opted with getting php5 to run as fastcgi and keep php4 as apache2 module so they can co-exist together.

This was done on CentOS release 4.5 with ISPConfig Control Panel on a dedicated hosting scenario. If you're looking to share the server with others then you might want to set up with suphp/SuExec for security purposes.

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