UserBeanCounters resources, vmguarpages and kmemsize explained

If you're hosted on a VPS, the below would explain if you are getting the resources that you paid for:

As mentioned in the resources (/proc/user_beancounters):

vmguarpages	0	30,000	2,147,483,647	4KB pages	\
      Memory allocation guarantee

This is the guaranteed RAM you get which works out to be:

30000 x 4 / 1024 = 117.1875 MB

Accordingly kmemsize is set to:

kmemsize	7,167,393	12,288,832	13,517,715	bytes	\
     Size of unswappable memory, allocated by the operating system kernel

Minimum kmemsize should be 10% of the vmguarpages, which is correct for the current setup:

12288832/1024/1024 = 11.7 MB == 10% of 117 (vmgaurpges)

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