Need better SPAM guard with Qmail

i have used QMail as MTA in Linux and simple web based PHP script for mail box. the smtp is Qmail-smtpd and pop is qmail-pop3d. i have used spam guard as SpamAssassign 3.0.3 and qmail scanner 2.0.1 with clamd antivirus 0.88.5. all these are latest product as i know but what a problem i am facing with this setup is still i am not able to control all SPAM.

So any guys, do you have any idea about how to control SAPM perfectly with Qmail? i will be very very happy with better solution.

Babu Ram Dawadi[baburd], CIT,IOE,TU

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Authenticating SQUID proxy with FreeRadius and mysql usres....

Chillispot an wireless captive portal can be used for authentication wired and wireless users. i have implemented chillispot in our campus area netwrok. the major combination is chillispot<>freeRadius<>mysqlBD users<> transparent porxy. it means an user can authenticate via chillispot where as mysql users are authorized through freeRadius. these days i am facing the problem of frequent reset with my chillispot server. i want to bypass chilli want to have direct proxy authentication using mysql users with freeRadius. for this i got the package proxy-radius-authentication. but this packege couldnot send the request to radius and mysql servers. it is supposed to work only if all the servers are integrated into a single servers. like radius, mysql and squid should have to install on a single machine. since being 2 weeks i am roaming for the proper proxy authentication uing mysql users.

Babu Ram Dawadi[baburd]
System Engineer, CIT, IOE, TU

About AoE (ATA over Ethernet)

My Campus has almost 1000 computers in local area network. all computers are connected with internet and the internet users are authenticated via proxy as domain users. but we are facing the problem of backup/storage of data of client machine.

i know ATA Over ethernet(AoE)[protocol of Storage Area Network] is one technique to palce ATA hard drive in stack for storage. is that a better idea? or to manage file server? i need help about to setup backup and storage.

thank you!
Babu Ram Dawadi[baburd]

greylisting and dnsbl combination...

I'm not familiar with Qmail, but I guess there should be greylisting mechanism for it too, which works very well with dnsbl lists. I have seen this combination totally reduce spam.

Additionally, I continually train spamassassin for it to work effectively.