MandrakeMove : move with Internet, Office & Multimedia in your pocket!

MandrakeSoft has created MandrakeMove -- a new product based on Mandrake Linux 9.2 that provides a complete personal desktop operating system on a bootable CD. Personal data and configuration settings may be stored on a dedicated USB Key.

MandrakeMove lets you bring your Mandrake Linux system wherever you go, all on a single disc, so that you can connect to the Internet, create & edit Office documents, listen to music, watch movies, and just about anything you can imagine from wherever you happen to be!

With MandrakeMove, there's no need to install a Linux system to have a full-featured desktop: just place MandrakeMove live CD into a CD-ROM drive, boot from the disc, then watch an entire Mandrake system run "on the fly" from the CD-ROM. As a unique added feature, the MandrakeMove CD-ROM may be ejected to access content from another CD.

Download it here!