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The Daily Ubuntu Hosts a New Linux Application Every Day


The Daily Ubuntu attempts to make options for Ubuntu Linux users a bit more manageable by presenting a new application for the Ubuntu Linux operating system on a daily basis. They can range from audio programs such as Audacious and Amarok, to more business-oriented things like gLabels.

Analysing mailq and the mqueue directory


Sendmail has always been a bit like 'black magic' that works best when left to it's own devices. The rising tide of spam emails however is causing trouble that sometimes requires intervention to track down the cause of mail jams and sometimes even to manually remove emails from the server...

Handy one-liners for AWK


Nice reference list of awk one-liners!

Drupal User Profiles


Tutorial to walk through every step to create an extended user profile in Drupal.

"A big part of any social networking site is the user profiles. Profiles let your users get to know each other and put a face on the anonymous internet. They can be basic, with little more than name, join date, and a few facts, or elaborate and complex. It all depends on the needs of your community. While the core profile module works for simple profiles, no one module will create a complex profile like I have on CRO. Instead, we start with a base module and link other contribs to it..."

Setting Up Trac on CentOS


How to install and configure Trac and SVN on CentOS 4.

Sed One Liners


Very useful sed one liners...

Drupal Tips and Tricks


50 great tips and tricks on Drupal that include:

  • Drupal admin and configuration
  • Theming
  • Views
  • JavaScript
  • Drupal Development and Coding

There are other great tips on Drupal development on the site. Definitely check it out!

Example source code organized by topic


Good source for tutorials and source code examples...

PL/SQL Cursor For Loop


Oracle Tips by Burleson

1. Open the cursor.
2. Start a loop.
3. Fetch a row of data.
4. Check for a new row, exit if not.
5. Process the data.
6. End the loop.
7. Close the cursor.

Since these steps are almost always followed, Oracle provides a way to let PL/SQL perform most of the steps. This is called the CURSOR FOR loop. As in the name, it uses a FOR loop to process the cursor...

How to backup and import a MySQL InnoDB database


Due to the way Innodb tables are structured, you cannot perform a hotback up of this database without using third party tools. Therefore you must take your database offline for a small period of time while you take the backup...

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