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Spamcup - Spamcup is a tool for automatic Spamcop reporting. It performs the same actions as if you were to report spam to with a Web browser, but from the commandline.

ShopCMS Paypal Shopping Cart

ShopCMS Paypal Shopping Cart is a catalog manager and shopping cart that features two levels of categories, a collapsible navigation menu, full PayPal integration, customizable templates with detailed style sheets, a WYSIWYG HTML editor for product info, compatibility with most Web servers and operating systems, and support for mod_perl. It handles image uploading and cloning of existing Items, includes a browser-based administration control panel, and ranks popular products.

Redhat Linux kernel update using up2date in command line

You will first need to register your system with the Redhat Network. If not, STOP, google "rhn_register".

Type the below commands in your shell as root:

#up2date -i -f kernel (for single processor server)


#up2date -i -f kernel-smp (for dual processor server)

Check to see all files exits in the "/boot" directory that "/etc/lilo.conf" is pointing to... followed by:

#lilo -v -v install the boot loader, the "-v" option increases verborsity.

Look carefully for any errors before rebooting.

#shutdown -r now

Above is a shortcut of the steps to do the update. If you need a more extensive howto, then visit the Forum.

Linux Useful Commands

Linux Useful Commands - Well what can I say, read on... good list of tips for Linux users!!

The Linux Cookbook: Tips and Techniques for Everyday Use

Linux Cookbook - A hands-on guide to getting things done on a Linux system, designed for the everyday user who is not necessarily a computer programmer.

HTTP Conditional Get for RSS Hackers

Conditional Get - Simple guide on how to implement HTTP's Conditional GET mechanism, with regards to producers and consumers of RSS feeds.

Google feed generator

Google feed generator - Generate an RSS feed from new Google search results.


Site@School is a Content Management System (CMS) to manage and maintain the website of a primary school.

The main features are:

- Manage a website without technical knowledge of complex websites.
- Following modules are standard available in release 1.2:

1. Search module
2. Guestbook
3. News module
4. Mail module
5. Ads module
6. Forum module with closed & open forums

- Pupils can make their own personal page.
- Teachers can check the pupils personal page.
- A What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor works on Internet Explorer 5.5+ and Mozilla 1.3+ (both windows and linux version)

Create Water Droplets with Photoshop

Water Droplets - First of the Photoshop tutorials creating special effects. This tutorial was done using Photoshop7. Total filesize of the tutorial is about 440 KB, so please be a little patient if you are on a dialup.

Sendmail+Dialup mini-HOWTO

Sendmail+Dialup - This mini HOWTO describes some basic configurations that are necessary to make sendmail work comfortably in the typical at-home situation: a single machine with a dialup connection to Internet. The most important features described are:
(1) queuing remote mail while local mail is delivered immediately
(2) preventing sendmail from causing spurious triggering of the dialup connection
(3) providing automatic address translation on all outgoing mail

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