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Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide

Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide - An in-depth exploration of the art of shell scripting

Tutorials on UNIX shell

Site includes Bruce Barnett's tutorials on UNIX shell programming and various other arcane subjects.

Shell Quotes - How to use quotes in a shell script.
Regular Expressions - Written for Solaris, so your milage my vary..
SED - The Stream Editor - Editing a data stream.
Bourne Shell - Everything you wanted to know.
AWK - The basic power tool for UNIX.

Intro to Computer Science and Java Programming

Introduction to Computer Science and Java Programming at Princeton.

Get a Digital Camera for $ 12.00

The Ritz camera was successfully hacked... as can be found on Maushammer's site.

Interesting comments by hundreds of slashdot readers.

Learning Java

Thinking In Java, by Bruce Eckel. TIJ is free (hard to beat that price) for download.

Columns by Randal L. Schwartz

Randal L. Schwartz Columns - Randal L. Schwartz writes a monthly column for Linux Magazine, a monthly column for the Perl Journal, and a bi-monthly column for SysAdmin Magazine. New columns are placed on-line according to the agreements he has made with them, generally around three months after they've appeared in print.


Blackboard - A way for passing web users to leave a message for the next user. There are couple other interesting scripts by the same author...

Email to Web Log

NEWWWSBOY - This is a set of scripts built for a running news sort of a web page. It allows you to set up a couple of inputs, just use email messages, and have those inputs automatically formatted and stuffed into a set of configurable web pages.

HTNEWS - htnews is an E-mail robot. It makes it easier to insert news items to your webpage. You have simply to send an E-mail to a special address and the item will be inserted. htnews is highly configurable, supports templates

Doing More With phpMyAdmin (Part 1)

You might not know this, but you can do a lot more with phpMyAdmin than just create tables and insert records. This first in a two-part series takes a look at some of the other features hidden under the hood of this popular PHP application, explaining how it can be used to secure access to the MySQL server, manage multiple servers, manipulate user privileges, view reports on server activity, and export MySQL data into different formats. Read the full article

Procmail Tutorial

Filter emails using procmail. See tutorial.
Also see Quick Start Guide

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