No volume control elements and/or devices found

Recently had a problem with my volume control applet after an up2date on FC4 which would come up with the error, "No volume control elements and/or devices found".

Doing a simple `gst-register-0.8` as root. Logging out and logging back in resolved this issue.

It registers all the GStreamer plug-ins and creates a listing of their properties so that the plugin is loaded on startup of GStreamer based applications.

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volume control applet

I have noticed a ton of traffic from google on this post and hopefully the issue has been resolved. However, I would like to help if you are still having difficulty, so please don't hesitate to post...

Still having the problem

I'm still having the problem.
I ran as root:
It did a bunch of stuff
logged out
logged in
Same message pops-up

Is there anything else I can do?



group permissions...

What distro are you using... Anything in the logs?

I had a similar issue on ubuntu, however it was an issue with permissions and had to add myself to the "audio" group before I could get sound to work.

No volume control elements and/or devices found

I am using FC4 with AMD64. I face the problem even after running gst-register-0.8 (which runs sucessfully updating the plugins), any help would be useful.