Network File System - server and client setup on Fedora

  • NFS Server:

    1. You will need "nfs-utils" so `up2date --install nfs-utils` if you don't already have it.
    2. Start "portmapper" first - `service portmap start`.
    3. Setup the exports file with the directory, hosts and permissions for sharing.

      To export the external usb storage drive to everyone on the local subnet, I have the following:


      This entry allows every machine from the subnet to access the NFS share over the network. After having edited the "/etc/exports" file all you have to do is start the NFS server - `service nfs start` .

      Note: If you are concerned about security edit "/etc/hosts.allow" and "/etc/hosts.deny" to specify which computers on the network can use services on your machine.

    4. Check the status with - `rpcinfo -p` .
  • NFS Client:

    1. Check that the nfs module is loaded first - `grep nfs /proc/filesystems` .
    2. If nothing comes up then load the module with - `modprobe nfs` .
    3. Start "portmapper" - `service portmap start` .
    4. Mount the network file system with - `mount -t nfs nfs_server:/mnt/usbdisk /mnt/nfs_usbdisk` .
    5. If may take a while. Verify with `mount` after .


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