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MySQL Connection Management in PHP


This article is intended to highlight various basic topics concerning proper methods of handling connections to MySQL databases in PHP, guidelines for caching dynamic content, and a technique called "lazy loading". Hopefully by the end of the article you'll have learned how to combat a very widespread and potentially devastating scalability problem seen in an enormous number of PHP web applications...

Subversion cheatsheet


This post is a summary of the subversion book, only that the summary takes you straight in. Please find the subversion book here:

IANA port assignments


The port numbers are divided into three ranges: the Well Known Ports,
the Registered Ports, and the Dynamic and/or Private Ports.

The Well Known Ports are those from 0 through 1023.

The Registered Ports are those from 1024 through 49151

The Dynamic and/or Private Ports are those from 49152 through 65535

Mod_Rewrite Tips and Tricks


Mod_Rewrite Tips and Tricks are lot of .htaccess rewrite examples that show specific uses for creating .htaccess rewrites to do all kinds of cool and profitable stuff for your site. Htaccess Rewrites are enabled by using the Apache module mod_rewrite, which is one of the most powerful Apache modules and features availale. Htaccess Rewrites through mod_rewrite provide the special ability to Rewrite requests internally as well as Redirect request externally...

Managing RAID and LVM with Linux


A general easy to follow guide to setting up RAID-5 and LVM on a modern Linux system.

Linux Command Line Reference


Linux command line reference for common operations...

Accessing Data on Xen Guest Image


Accessing xen guest image is very easy if the image is not lvm partitioned. But the main problem arise when the image is of lvm format and normal mount command cannot be used. Here I will show both the way. The first is when ext filesystem is used, and the second is when lvm is used...

Secure browsing with SSH Tunnel and SOCKS Proxy Forwarding


$ ssh -D 9999 username@ip-address-of-ssh-server

This will create a SOCKS proxy on port “9999″ of your computer (localhost). This is a secure tunnel to the server. Now all you have to do is set the preference in Firefox to use a SOCKS proxy. The proxy is, “localhost”, with the port 9999.

Why OpenVZ and not XEN.


A very nice discussion on the comparison and preference of OpenVZ over Xen. Also, great SysAdmin articles at the FAQs and TIPs section: hosting & sysadmin

System Monitoring Tools for SysAdmins


Need to monitor Linux server performance? Try these built-in command and a few add-on tools. Most Linux distributions are equipped with tons of monitoring. These tools provide metrics which can be used to get information about system activities. You can use these tools to find the possible causes of a performance problem. The commands discussed below are some of the most basic commands when it comes to system analysis and debugging server issues such as:

1. Finding out bottlenecks.
2. Disk (storage) bottlenecks.
3. CPU and memory bottlenecks.
4. Network bottlenecks.

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