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STARTTLS and Sendmail


Sending user names and passwords across the Internet in plain text is bad. Fortunately, sendmail provides another method of encrypting not only the user name and password, but the entire mail transmission, using Transport Layer Security (TLS)--which is only slightly different from its predecessor, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) version 3. Sendmail uses the STARTTLS command within an SMTP conversation to signal the beginning of an encrypted TLS conversation...

Sendmail Tips


Some collected tips and tricks for sendmail and related mail utilities. For more documentation, see the cf/README, sendmail/SECURITY, and doc/op/ files under the sendmail source...

Plesk qmail notes


Nice set of plesk qmail tips!

Exim Cheatsheet


Hands on with an Exim Cheatsheet!

Speed up updates with Presto


Presto is a project that aims to utilize the work done on deltarpm to provide faster, smaller size downloads to Fedora users. Not only will using yum-presto save lots of bandwidth, but it will cut down on the time it takes to perform updates...

NIC Information Collector script


Along with mii-tool, mii-diag and ethtool for NIC diagnostics... the NIC (NIC Information Collector) script collects network information necessary to investigate network related problems.

Bash Comparison Operators


Very helpful when unsure on using the type of comparison operators and brackets to use in bash.

Shared PostgreSQL Database Hosting Setup


* Manage cluster only via access to a super user account
- no permanent modification of pg_hba.conf etc. required
- central managing system can manage several clusters without the need for additional control channels
* Customers cannot directly create new roles and databases
* Each customer database is given an associated main user
- acting as a database local super user
- typically creates and owns all objects
* The can be a number of additional users per database
- Rights of these users are granted by the main user

Maven Build Lifecycle


Maven 2.0 is based around the central concept of a build lifecycle. What this means is that the process for building and distributing a particular artifact (project) is clearly defined.

This means that it is only necessary to learn a small set of commands to build any Maven project, and the POM will ensure they get the results they desired.

There are three built-in build lifecycles: default, clean and site. The default lifecycle handles your project deployment, the clean lifecycle handles project cleaning, while the site lifecycle handles the creation of your projects site documentation.

WikiVS - Compare and Analyze


You can see exactly what kind of benefits you can receive by using one product over the other before you invest your money into it. You can determine how much closer a project is to your interests than another before you invest your time. You can see what features a program has and lacks in comparison to another before you invest your effort into it.

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