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California Launches Mandatory Data Collection For Police Use-of-Force

Slashdot.org - Sun, 09/25/2016 - 10:34
An anonymous Slashdot reader quotes the AP: All 800 police departments in California must begin using a new online tool launched Thursday to report and help track every time officers use force that causes serious injuries... The tool, named URSUS for the bear on California's flag, includes fields for the race of those injured and the officers involved, how their interaction began and why force was deemed necessary. "It's sort of like TurboTax for use-of-force incidents," said Justin Erlich, a special assistant attorney general overseeing the data collection and analysis. Departments must report the data under a new state law passed last November. Though some departments already tracked such data on their own, many did not... "As a country, we must engage in an honest, transparent, and data-driven conversation about police use of force," California Attorney General Kamala Harris said in a news release. It's an open source tool developed by Bayes Impact, and California plans to share the code with other interested law enforcement agencies across the country. Only three other states currently require their police departments to track data about use-of-force incidents, "but their systems aren't digital, and in Colorado's case, only capture shootings."

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fix custom linux application install by Mrlasagna

Freelancer.com - Sun, 09/25/2016 - 10:19
I have a free statistics application , "http://cazzerson.github.io/Suma////installation/", that uses mysql, php and apache installed on fedora 20 linux on a VPS. PROBLEM: I'm not able to bring up the... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Linux)
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4K Set-Top Box Showdown: Roku 4 vs. SHIELD TV vs. Fire TV

LifeHacker.com - Sun, 09/25/2016 - 10:00

If you bought a 4K TV recently (and it’s a good time to start looking at one ), you’re going to need a way to get your 4K-compatible shows onto that screen. Today, we’re breaking down three of the best set-top boxes that can offer 4K (or UHD) streaming.


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The Ig Nobel Awards Celebrate Their 26th First Annual Awards Ceremony

Slashdot.org - Sun, 09/25/2016 - 09:34
Thursday Harvard's Sanders Theatre hosted the 26th edition of the humorous research awards "that make people laugh, then think...intended to celebrate the unusual, honor the imaginative -- and spur people's interest in science, medicine, and technology." One of this year's winners actually lived as a goat, wearing prosthetic extensions on his arms and legs so he could travel the countryside with other goats. Long-time Slashdot reader tomhath writes: The Journal of Improbable announced these winners: REPRODUCTION PRIZE [EGYPT] -- The late Ahmed Shafik, for studying the effects of wearing polyester, cotton, or wool trousers on the sex life of rats, and for conducting similar tests with human males. ECONOMICS PRIZE [NEW ZEALAND, UK] -- Mark Avis, Sarah Forbes, and Shelagh Ferguson, for assessing the perceived personalities of rocks, from a sales and marketing perspective... PEACE PRIZE [CANADA, USA] -- Gordon Pennycook, James Allan Cheyne, Nathaniel Barr, Derek Koehler, and Jonathan Fugelsang for their scholarly study called 'On the Reception and Detection of Pseudo-Profound Bullshit'... PERCEPTION PRIZE [JAPAN] -- Atsuki Higashiyama and Kohei Adachi, for investigating whether things look different when you bend over and view them between your legs. The Improable Research site lists the rest of this year's 10 winners, as well as every winner for the previous 25 years.

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Write some software by piplhemant

Freelancer.com - Sun, 09/25/2016 - 09:14
I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux.Setup bitcoin miner operating system Smos or any other mining OS and configure 6 Gpu mining and rig accurately... (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Linux, Software Architecture)
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Build a DIY Floating GoPro Mount from a Plastic Soda Bottle

LifeHacker.com - Sun, 09/25/2016 - 09:00

One of the best things about owning a GoPro is you can take it anywhere—even in the water swimming, diving, surfing, or just paddling around. Of course, losing or dropping it means it’s lost to the depths. This trick uses a plastic soda bottle to make a simple, floating mount you won’t lose under water.


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How ITT Tech Screwed Students and Made Millions

Slashdot.org - Sun, 09/25/2016 - 08:34
An anonymous Slashdot reader shares "a grim story about a company that screwed poor people, military veterans, and taxpayers to turn a profit." Gizmodo reports: By the time ITT Technical Institute closed its doors earlier this month, the for-profit college had been selling tenuous diplomas at exorbitant prices for more than 20 years...burying low-income and first-generation students in insurmountable debt, and evading regulators since the early 1990s... ITT collected $178 million over two years just in federal education funding for veterans -- even while the company projected 33% of its students would ultimately default on their loans -- and last year 70% of the school's total revenue came directly from federal financial aid programs. Gizmodo spoke to one student who "will now spend the rest of his life paying back loans for a degree that is practically useless," after compounding interest turned his $70,000 loan into $200,000 in debt. "Like all of the former students interviewed by Gizmodo, he was placed in a job that did not require professional training" -- specifically, a game-testing position that didn't even require a high school diploma, while ITT "placed" another student in a $5.95-an-hour telemarketing job. Her assessment of ITT? "It was totally worthless."

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PHP Script is needed. by teachmephp

Freelancer.com - Sun, 09/25/2016 - 08:01
I need a php developer to tutor me and help me build/develop a script. My budget is $300. You must have teamviewer and most importantly skype to do voice. (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Linux, MySQL, PHP, Software Architecture)
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Audacious 3.8 Free Music Player Is Out, Finally Lets You Run Multiple Instances

LinuxToday.com - Sun, 09/25/2016 - 08:00

Audacious 3.8 has been in development since early August when the first Beta milestone was announced, and it received a second Beta build in early September.

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Network security1 by diresh179

Freelancer.com - Sun, 09/25/2016 - 07:34
A set of possible topics for the project are recommended here, from which you may choose one to be your research project topic ● Secure Outlook email system using the GPG4win ● Creating a Secure web... (Budget: $250 - $750 AUD, Jobs: Linux, Network Administration, UNIX, Windows Desktop)
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Kentucky's Shotgun 'Drone Slayer' Gets Sued Again

Slashdot.org - Sun, 09/25/2016 - 06:34
"Technology has surpassed the law..." argues a Kentucky man who fired a shotgun at a drone last year. An anonymous Slashdot reader reports: The drone's owner has now filed for damages in Federal Court over the loss of his $1,800 drone, arguing that the shotgun blast was unjustified because his drone wasn't actually trespassing or invading anyone's privacy. The defendant -- who has dubbed himself 'the Drone Slayer' -- said the aerial vehicle was over his garden and his daughter, and the verdict could ultimately set a new precedent in U.S. law: who owns the air? "Operators need to know where they can fly," argued the drone pilot's lawyer, "and owners must know when they can reasonably expect privacy and be free of prying eyes." He estimates a drone is shot from he skies about once a month, and "What happens typically is that law enforcement doesn't know what to do and civil suits are uncommon as most people don't want to get involved due to the costs." The Drone Slayer was originally charged with felony counts of wanton endangerment and criminal mischief. But all of those charges were dismissed in October when a district judge ruled he "had a right to shoot at the aircraft."

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Project for stoyanovalexandr -- 2 by diresh179

Freelancer.com - Sun, 09/25/2016 - 05:16
Hi stoyanovalexandr, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. (Budget: $13 AUD, Jobs: Linux, Network Administration, PHP, Software Development, System Admin)
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Street Fighter V Update Installed Hidden Rootkits on PCs

Slashdot.org - Sun, 09/25/2016 - 02:34
Capcom's latest update for Street Fighter V was installing a secret rootkit on PCs. An anonymous Slashdot reader quotes The Register: This means malicious software on the system can poke a dodgy driver installed by Street Fighter V to completely take over the Windows machine. Capcom claims it uses the driver to stop players from hacking...to cheat. Unfortunately, the code is so badly designed, it opens up a full-blown local backdoor... it switches off a crucial security defense in the operating system, then runs whatever instructions are given to it by the application, and then switches the protection back on Friday Capcom tweeted "We are in the process of rolling back the security measures added to the PC version of Street Fighter V." This prompted one user to reply, "literal rootkits are the opposite of security measures."

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ClipBucket problem converting video by iboy34

Freelancer.com - Sun, 09/25/2016 - 02:17
Some expert? ClipBucket problem converting video, I think that is the version of ffmpeg Converion Log for file . Reading Conversion log for file Conversion details Raw Conversion Log ==========================================... (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: CLIPS, Linux, PHP, Script Install, Video Services)
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Informatica by neeleshshelke

Freelancer.com - Sun, 09/25/2016 - 01:36
We need Informatica support to work (Budget: ₹1500 - ₹12500 INR, Jobs: Linux)
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Tuesday Was Microsoft's Last Non-Cumulative Patch

Slashdot.org - Sat, 09/24/2016 - 22:34
There was something unique about this week's Patch Tuesday. An anonymous Slashdot reader quotes HelpNetSecurity: It was the last traditional Windows Patch Tuesday as Microsoft is moving to a new patching release model. In the future, patches will be bundled together and users will no longer be able to pick and choose which updates to install. Furthermore, these new 'monthly update packs' will be combined, so for instance, the November update will include all the patches from October as well. Last month a Slashdot reader asked for suggestions on how to handle the new 'cumulative' updates -- although the most common response was "I run Linux."

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Script showing private/public IPs by GotProjects

Freelancer.com - Sat, 09/24/2016 - 21:15
Need a simple bash script which does the following. Script needs to know the difference between private and public IPs. Script needs to know hops between my location and another, showing which hops... (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Linux, Network Administration, PHP, Shell Script)
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97% of the Top Companies Have Leaked Credentials Online

Slashdot.org - Sat, 09/24/2016 - 20:34
Apparently lots of people have been use both their work email address and work password on third-party sites -- suggesting a huge vulnerability. Trailrunner7 quotes On The Wire: The last few years have seen a number of large-scale breaches at popular sites and companies, including LinkedIn, Adobe, MySpace, and Ashley Madison, and many of the credentials stolen during those incidents have ended up online in various places... [R]esearch from Digital Shadows found that the most significant breach for the global 1,000 companies it looked at was the LinkedIn incident... Digital Shadows found more than 1.6 million credentials online for the 1,000 companies it studied. Adobe's breach was next on the list, with more than 1.3 million credentials. "For Ashley Madison alone, there were more than 200,000 leaked credentials from the top 1,000 global companies," the researchers report, noting they also found many leaked credentials from breaches at other dating and gaming sites, as well as Myspace. Their conclusion? "The vast majority of organizations have credentials exposed online..."

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