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Write some Software by krishnasri99

Freelancer.com - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 21:56
I am very specific of my requirement ..I 1. I need a person who can work, after 6pm est with me for 2 or 3 hours depends on task and on call support if needed. Project will be 6 plus months. 2. Must be a good communicator and able to explain the task ... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Agile Development, Amazon Web Services, Chef Configuration Management, Linux, Software Architecture)
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Remember When You Called Someone and Heard a Song?

Slashdot.org - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 21:05
An anonymous reader shares a Motherboard article: If you were youngish in the early 2000s, you probably remember this phenomenon -- calling a friend's cell phone, and instead of hearing the the standard ring, you heard a pop song. Called ringback tones, this digital music fad allowed cell phone owners to subject callers to their own musical preference. Ringback tones were incredibly trendy in the early and mid-2000's, but have since tapered off nearly to oblivion. Though almost nobody is buying ringbacks anymore, plenty of people still have them from back in the day. [...] In the process of writing this story, I heard from several people that they or someone they knew still had a ringback tone, in large part because they have had it for years, and don't know how to get rid of it.

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eBay Will Now Price Match Amazon, Walmart and Others On Over 50,000 Items

Slashdot.org - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 20:25
eBay announced today a new Price Match Guarantee for over 50,000 items across its site -- promising that it will have the best deal online, or it will match the lowest price of a competitor. While only select items are available for this offer, "the move is a significant effort on eBay's part to ensure that it doesn't lose customers to Amazon, Walmart and other online stores as the market consolidates behind the industry's major players," reports TechCrunch. From the report: In order to qualify, the item must be one of the new, unopened items sold daily through eBay Deals, for starters. Deals are eBay's selection of "trending" inventory across all its categories -- like consumer electronics, home & garden, and fashion. The deals are also generally offered at 20 percent to 90 percent off, and are sourced from over 900 of eBay's trusted sellers. These sellers include both smaller merchants looking to grow their customer base as well as major consumer brands. At any time, eBay says there are "tens of thousands" of items offered through the Deals site, with featured deals updating at least once per day, beginning at 8 AM PT.

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NSA Opens GitHub Account, Lists 32 Projects Developed By the Agency

Slashdot.org - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 19:45
An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Hacker News: The National Security Agency (NSA) -- the United States intelligence agency which is known for its secrecy and working in the dark -- has finally joined GitHub and launched an official GitHub page. GitHub is an online service designed for sharing code amongst programmers and open source community, and so far, the NSA is sharing 32 different projects as part of the NSA Technology Transfer Program (TTP), while some of these are "coming soon." "The NSA Technology Transfer Program (TTP) works with agency innovators who wish to use this collaborative model for transferring their technology to the commercial marketplace," the agency wrote on the program's page. "OSS invites the cooperative development of technology, encouraging broad use and adoption. The public benefits by adopting, enhancing, adapting, or commercializing the software. The government benefits from the open source community's enhancements to the technology." Many of the projects the agency listed are years old that have been available on the Internet for some time. For example, SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) has been part of the Linux kernel for years.

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Webmin Experts Only by RANDOMBOOS

Freelancer.com - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 19:41
I have email server + email accounts one email cant recive emails Budget $10 (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Email Marketing, Linux, System Admin)
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I would like to hire a Linux Developer by emblabs

Freelancer.com - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 19:20
I have an embedded board based on NXP’s MPC5125. The Linux Version is 2.6.29. There two Ethernet interfaces in this board say eth1 and eth2 and other standard interfaces. I am looking for someone who can Port Linux 4.X version to this board and provide me the BSP... (Budget: $3000 - $5000 USD, Jobs: Linux, Ubuntu)
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VPS Server Spring Cleaning and Security by LAEntertainment

Freelancer.com - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 19:20
We are looking for a freelance professional to assist with our hosted server CentOS v7 OS / WHM/Cpanel. Our main issue was that the sever was clogged with old logs and it reached max capacity causing downtime and other issues with forms and X-Cart shopping cart etc... (Budget: $15 - $25 USD, Jobs: Database Administration, Linux, VPS, Web Services, Website Management)
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Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Isolate a Network And Allow Data Transfer?

Slashdot.org - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 19:05
Futurepower(R) writes: What is the best way to isolate a network from the internet and prevent intrusion of malware, while allowing carefully examined data transfer from internet-facing computers? An example of complete network isolation could be that each user would have two computers with a KVM switch and a monitor and keyboard, or two monitors and two keyboards. An internet-facing computer could run a very secure version of Linux. Any data to be transferred to that user's computer on the network would perhaps go through several Raspberry Pi computers running Linux; the computers could each use a different method of checking for malware. Windows computers on the isolated network could be updated using Autopatcher, so that there would never be a direct connection with the internet. Why not use virtualization? Virtualization does not provide enough separation; there is the possibility of vulnerabilities. Do you have any ideas about improving the example above?

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South Korea Signs On To Build Full-Scale Hyperloop System

Slashdot.org - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 18:25
Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) has partnered with the South Korean government and local universities to build the world's first full-scale Hyperloop system. "The agreement was actually signed back in January but only revealed this week, and sees HTT team up with the South Korean government's department of technological innovation and infrastructure, along with the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building (KICT) and Hanyang University," reports New Atlas. From the report: It involves the construction of a full-scale testbed, licensing of HTT's vacuum tube, levitation, propulsion and battery technologies along with the co-development of safety standards and regulations. The agreement is a multi-year partnership intended to build a new transportation system for South Korea, one which will be known as the HyperTube Express and carry passengers between Seoul and Busan in under 20 minutes, compared to the current three-hour drive. HTT may be setting out to build the world's first Hyperloop but it is no guarantee, with fellow startups Arrivo and Hyperloop One also moving full-steam ahead with their plans. The latter in particular seems to be making solid progress, recently showing off a full-scale test track in Nevada and forming agreements with Russia, Finland and Dubai to explore the feasibility of a Hyperloop in those countries. It's too early to tell who will be first out of the gate, but the competition is certainly heating up.

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'Stack Clash' Smashed Security Fix in Linux - Dark Reading

Linux News - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 18:20

'Stack Clash' Smashed Security Fix in Linux
Dark Reading
Stack Clash, which require local access to the targeted Linux machine, works like this: it overwrites a region in the kernel memory called the stack, causing confusion in the memory and allowing an attacker to "clash" with another memory region. Qualys ...

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Freelancer.com - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 17:45
We need a capable individual or a team that can create from scratch a software that can be installed in raspbian pixel. The software will included by an alarm, clock, meeting schedules, a connection with Jarvis (from raspbian) and a facebook link for Jarvis facebook account... (Budget: €30 - €250 EUR, Jobs: Java, Linux, Raspberry Pi, UNIX)
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Facial Recognition Is Coming To US Airports

Slashdot.org - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 17:45
Facial recognition systems will be coming to U.S. airports in the very near future. "Customs and Border Protection first started testing facial recognition systems at Dulles Airport in 2015, then expanded the tests to New York's JFK Airport last year," reports The Verge. "Now, a new project is poised to bring those same systems to every international airport in America." From the report: Called Biometric Exit, the project would use facial matching systems to identify every visa holder as they leave the country. Passengers would have their photos taken immediately before boarding, to be matched with the passport-style photos provided with the visa application. If there's no match in the system, it could be evidence that the visitor entered the country illegally. The system is currently being tested on a single flight from Atlanta to Tokyo, but after being expedited by the Trump administration, it's expected to expand to more airports this summer, eventually rolling out to every international flight and border crossing in the U.S. U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Larry Panetta, who took over the airport portion of the project in February, explained the advantages of facial recognition at the Border Security Expo last week. "Facial recognition is the path forward we're working on," Panetta said at the conference. "We currently have everyone's photo, so we don't need to do any sort of enrollment. We have access to the Department of State records so we have photos of U.S. Citizens, we have visa photos, we have photos of people when they cross into the U.S. and their biometrics are captured into [DHS biometric database] IDENT."

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Deploy my Meteor App to Linode server by lukasnavickas

Freelancer.com - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 17:20
I have written a web app with Meteor and React. I have bought a domain name and server space at Linode.com. I changed my domain's DNS to my Linode Linux server, but I couldn't deploy my app. I have followed... (Budget: €8 - €35 EUR, Jobs: Linux)
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Virgin Mobile Becomes World's First iPhone-Exclusive Carrier, Offers Year of Service For $1

Slashdot.org - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 17:05
BrianFagioli quotes a report via BetaNews: Goodness gracious, Virgin Mobile USA has made quite the bold moves today. The cellular service provider has become the world's first iPhone-exclusive carrier. In other words, it will no longer offer Android at all. Crazy, right? This is through a partnership with Apple, and Virgin will offer many versions of the device, including iPhone 6, 6S, 7, and SE. The craziness doesn't stop there, however, as there is even something much more exciting -- Virgin Mobile USA is offering unlimited talk, text and data for a dollar. No, that is not a typo -- a single buck will get you unlimited everything for up to a year! This is through a new scheme called "Inner Circle."

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Former Ubuntu Phone Insider Shares His Thoughts on Why the Project Failed

LinuxToday.com - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 17:00

softpedia: Simon Raffeiner worked on the Ubuntu Touch operating system since its official announcement back in 2013, believing in the project's goals and objectives.

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Hire a Javascript Developer by metes

Freelancer.com - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 16:51
I need help to set windows on a vps. While im working i want to connect this desktop that you gonna create on server. Something like connecting that with teamviewer runnin browser, games etc like my own computer... (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Javascript, Linux, PHP, Software Development)
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California May Restore Broadband Privacy Rules Killed By Congress and Trump

Slashdot.org - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 16:25
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: A proposed law in California would require Internet service providers to obtain customers' permission before they use, share, or sell the customers' Web browsing history. The California Broadband Internet Privacy Act, a bill introduced by Assembly member Ed Chau (D-Monterey Park) on Monday, is very similar to an Obama-era privacy rule that was scheduled to take effect across the US until President Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress eliminated it. If Chau's bill becomes law, ISPs in California would have to get subscribers' opt-in consent before using browsing history and other sensitive information in order to serve personalized advertisements. Consumers would have the right to revoke their consent at any time. The opt-in requirement in Chau's bill would apply to "Web browsing history, application usage history, content of communications, and origin and destination Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of all traffic." The requirement would also apply to geolocation data, IP addresses, financial and health information, information pertaining to minors, names and billing information, Social Security numbers, demographic information, and personal details such as physical addresses, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers.

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How To kill An Inactive OR Idle SSH Sessions

LinuxToday.com - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 16:00

Simple way to kill an inactive or idle SSH sessions in Linux.

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How Hollywood Got Hacked: Studio at Center of Netflix Leak Breaks Silence

Slashdot.org - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 15:40
Earlier this year, hackers obtained and leaked the episodes of TV show Orange Is the New Black. In a candid interview, Larson Studios' chief engineer David Dondorf explained how the audio post-production business allowed the hacker group to gain access to the Netflix original content. Dandorf says the company hired private data security experts to find how it was breached. The investigation found that the hacker group had been searching the internet for PCs running older versions of Windows and stumbled across an old computer at Larson Studios still running Windows 7. From the report: Larson's employees just didn't know all that much about it. Having a computer running an ancient version of Windows on the network was clearly a terrible lack of oversight, as was not properly separating internal servers from the internet. "A lot of what went on was ignorance," admitted Rick Larson. "We are a small company. Did we even know what the content security departments were at our clients? Absolutely not. I couldn't have told you who to call. I can now." It's a fascinating story about how the hacker group first made contact and tried to threaten Larson Studios' president and his wife, and how they responded. Worth a read.

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