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Join our first Virtual Webmaster Unconference

GoogleWebmasterCentral - Wed, 08/12/2020 - 08:00

While the in-person Webmaster Conference events are still on hold, we continue to share insights and information with you in the Webmaster Conference Lightning Talks series on our YouTube channel. But we understand that you might be missing the connection during live events, so we’d like to invite you to join a new event format: the first Virtual Webmaster Unconference, on August 26th, at 8AM PDT!

What is the Virtual Webmaster Unconference?

Because we want you to actively participate in the event, this is neither a normal Webmaster Conference nor a typical online conference. This event isn't just for you - it's your event. In particular, the word "Unconference" means that you get to choose which sessions you want to attend and become an active part of. You will shape the event by taking part in discussions, feedback sessions and similar formats that need your input. 

It's your chance to collaborate with other webmasters, SEOs, developers, digital marketers, publishers and Google product teams, such as Search Console and Google Search, and help us to deliver more value to you and the community.

How does it work?

We have opened the registration for a few more spots in the event again. If you're seeing "registration is closed", the spots have filled up already. We may run more events in the future, so keep an eye on our Twitter feed and this blog.

As part of the registration process, we will ask you to select two sessions you would like to participate in. Only the sessions that receive the most votes will be scheduled to take place on the event day, so make sure you pick your favorite ones before August 19th!

As we have limited spots, we might have to select attendees based on background and demographics to get a good mix of perspectives in the event. We will let you know by August 20th if your registration is confirmed. Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive the invitation for the Google Meet call on August 26th with all the other participants, the MC and the session leads. You can expect to actively participate in the sessions you're interested in via voice and/or video call through Google Meet. Please note that the sessions will not be recorded; we will publish a blog post with some of the top learnings after the event.

We have very interesting proposals lined up for you to vote on, as well as other fun surprises. Save your spot before August 19th and join the first ever Virtual Webmaster Unconference!
Posted by Martin Splitt, Search Relations Team
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How To Force apt-get with IPv4 or IPv6 Transport (address) on a Ubuntu or Debian or Mint Linux

nixCraft - Wed, 08/12/2020 - 06:58

{Updated} It is possible that I can forces my apt-get command/apt command only use IPv6 or Ipv4 transport on a Debian or Ubuntu Linux server?

The post How To Force apt-get with IPv4 or IPv6 Transport (address) on a Ubuntu or Debian or Mint Linux appeared first on nixCraft.

Charlotte: Explore the Queen City with Google Arts & CultureCharlotte: Explore the Queen City with Google Arts & Culture

GoogleBlog - Wed, 08/12/2020 - 05:00

Welcome to Charlotte, where the downtown is actually known as “Uptown,” a striking symbol of the New South where traditional industry blends with innovation and creativity. We’re the largest city in North Carolina and the second largest banking center in the country. Forward-thinking and fast-moving, it’s no wonder why 85% of NASCAR teams call our region home. We mix southern charm with cosmopolitan culture, mingle BBQ with banking, and merge competitive sports with fine arts. Now we’re partnering with Google Arts & Culture and 12 other institutions to showcase the best of the Queen City with +3000 images and videos curated into +50 beautiful online stories—all available at g.co/ExploreCharlotte. Here are six ways to discover why we’re fit for royalty:

1. Learn our history.  Did you know that gold was first discovered in Charlotte—not California? History buffs can dive into stories from the Civil Rights Movement with the Atkins Library at the University of North Carolina, or take a virtual tour of the Levine Museum of the New South’s exhibitions, or read city tales and learn why we were named after Queen Charlotte of Britain.

2. Discover what it means to be a Charlottean.The Arts & Science Council wants to introduce you to Charlotte artists of color creating public art,  the Charlotte Symphony would like you to get acquainted with their musicians, and Opera Carolina invites you backstage with their actors. To test your knowledge, see 11 Places Any Charlottean Would Know.

3. Explore our thriving arts scene.The Mint Museum (which aptly occupies an original US mint) boasts a rich collection of everything from costumes to collage. Goodyear Arts’ artist residency program empowers local creators and makers to expand their art practice, while The McColl Center focuses on contemporary artists with immersive exhibitions like “Color for the People.” See the “disco chicken” at the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art and celebrate African-American artists through the Harvey B. Gantt Center’s stunning collection

4. Cheer on our sports teams.Nobody can leave Charlotte without a great time at a baseball (or football, basketball or hockey!) game. Take a curated tour through 18 iconic race cars at the NASCAR Hall of Fame or enter the stadiums of the Carolina Panthers, Hornets and Checkers.

5. Check out the Queen City’s cuisine. In a city of tastemakers, chefs, mixologists and brewers work to move Charlotte’s gastronomical needle forward.

6. Visit outdoor gemslike the Carolina Raptor Center and learn about North Carolina’s fiercest winged inhabitants, from barn owls to kestrels. Let them open up the magical world of flight, feathers and falcons.

Want to learn more? Visit g.co/explorecharlotte, or download Google Arts & Culture’s Android or iOS app.

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How Will the Universe End? Scientists Say They May Have an Answer

Slashdot.org - Wed, 08/12/2020 - 02:00
sciencehabit shares a report from Science Magazine: In the unimaginably far future, cold stellar remnants known as black dwarfs will begin to explode in a spectacular series of supernovae, providing the final fireworks of all time. That's the conclusion of a new study, which posits that the universe will experience one last hurrah before everything goes dark forever. The dramatic detonations will begin to occur about 10^1100 years from now, a number the human brain can scarcely comprehend. The already unfathomable number 10^100 is known as a googol, so 10^1100 would be a googol googol googol googol googol googol googol googol googol googol googol years. The explosions would continue until 10^32000 years from now, which would require most of a magazine page to represent in a similar fashion. A time traveler hoping to witness this last cosmic display would be disappointed. By the start of this era, the mysterious substance acting in opposition to gravity called dark energy will have driven everything in the universe apart so much that each individual black dwarf would be surrounded by vast darkness: The supernovae would even be unobservable to each another. The study has been published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Google integrates into IAB Europe TCF v2.0Google integrates into IAB Europe TCF v2.0Senior Product Manager

GoogleBlog - Wed, 08/12/2020 - 00:00

Providing people with transparency and control over how their data is used—and ensuring their choices are respected—are key pillars of Google’s approach to developing advertising products. In a complex digital advertising ecosystem, we’re committed to supporting efforts to manage user consent and compliance through a standardized framework. That’s why by August 15, 2020, we’ll integrate our ads systems with the IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) v2.0, in line with the switchover date from v1.0 set by the IAB Europe.

As a member of IAB Europe's TCF Working Group, we contributed to the development of TCF v2.0. This new framework standardizes the process of gathering, managing and communicating user permissions for how their information may be used in the advertising supply chain. Most significantly, it means that people can make choices on a per vendor and per purpose basis, and this choice will be respected in the ads that are served by all participating platforms. With improved interoperability, publishers and marketers using TCF v2.0 have more control and flexibility about how they integrate and collaborate with their technology partners, including Google. 

To support our partners with the transition, we will give them a 90-day grace period from August 15 to ensure their implementation is working properly and meeting our policy requirements. 

Our integration with the TCF v2.0 applies to ads we serve on publisher inventory and not Google owned and operated inventory, for which consent is obtained through our own consent flows. The integration also doesn’t change any of our policies for publishers or marketers, including our EU User Consent Policy, which helps ensure users have transparency into and control over how their data is being collected and used to serve personalized ads.

It is up to our partners whether they choose to use TCF v2.0. Publishers can still continue to work with Google independently by using the Ad Technology Provider controls we launched in 2018 across Ad Manager, AdSense and AdMob. Marketers can still continue to work with Google independently by using the features launched in 2018 across Google Ads and Display & Video 360. These controls will continue to function outside of the TCF v2.0. 

This integration marks the successful collaboration across our industry for a standardized framework that combines both ease of use and interoperability, and will give people greater control over how their data is used.

We’re committed to supporting efforts to manage user consent and compliance through a standardized framework.
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